Biointerface Res. Appl. Chem., Volume 6, Issue 1, 2016 (February 15th,  2016)

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1) Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu: Editorial – An overview of five years of open access publishing

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2) Priscila L. Sequetto, Tânia T. de Oliveira, Vanessa J. de Mello, Marcelo R. da Costa, Marcelo A. Filardi, Liovando M. da Costa: The effect of the hydroalcoholic extract of Helianthus annuusroots in pre-neoplasic lesion and colorectal structural organization in rats exposed to the carcinogen 1.2 dimethylhydrazine


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3) Wander Lopes Pereira, Tânia Toledo de Oliveira, Milton Kanashiro, Marcelo Rocha da Costa, Liovando Marciano da Costa, Franz Viana Borges: Cytotoxic Activity of Olive Leaf Extract against Human Melanoma (SK-MEL-5) and Morin Melanoma Cell Lines (B16F10)

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4) Carlo Manassero, Carlo Castellano: Qualitative evaluation of the end-to-end correlation vector and of the mean square displacement of the molecules’ center in a telechelic polymer under several shear rates values


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5) Hakan Kamalak, Sserkan Demirel, Erdinc Oz, Serdar Altin: The Leakage Study Between Restorative and Pulp Capping Materials and Diffusion Analysis by Fick Laws


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6) Mohsen Zare, Majid Ghashang, Ali Saffar-Teluri: BaO-ZnO nano-composite efficient catalyst for the photo-catalytic degradation of 4-chlorophenol

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7) Akemi Martins Higa, Giovanni Pimenta Mambrini, Moema Hausen, Fábio de Lima Leite: Ag-nanoparticle-based nano-immunosensor for anti-glutathione S-transferase detection


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8) Sergey Li, Victor Prokhorenko, Elvira Kasymova, Kamila Kydralieva, Sharipa Jorobekova: Biosolubilized humic materials with enhanced biological properties


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9) Emel Akyol, Kerim Ongun, Semra Kirboga, Mualla Oner: A kinetic study for calcium oxalate crystallization in the presence of Viburnum opulus extract

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10) Zhongchun Li, Jie Xu: Facile hydrothermal synthesis of flowerlike MnOconstructed by ultrathin nanosheets for supercapacitors

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