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1) S. Misri, M.R. Ishak, S.M. Sapuan, Z. Leman: Mechanical and physical performance of filament wound kenaf/unsaturated polyester composites

2) Lucas B. Naves, Luis Almeida: New approach to melanoma skin cancer controlled releasing drugs for neutron capture therapy: a review

3) Mathew George, Lincy Joseph, Hithin Raj S.: A review on synthesis and biological screening of oxazine derivatives

4) Ana-Maria Anghel, Elena Diacu, Mihaela Ilie, Cristina Cimpoeru, Florica Marinescu, Ecaterina Marcu, Carmen Tociu: Statistical correlations between physical and chemical indicators in order to assess the water quality of artificial lakes in south Romania, Bucharest-Ilfov area

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5) Ortansa Csutak, Tatiana Vassu, Viorica Corbu, Ioana Cîrpici, Robertina Ionescu: Killer activity of Pichia anomala CMGB 88

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6) Carmen Tociu, Cristina Maria, Ecaterina Marcu, Petra Ionescu, Monica Violeta Radu: The effect of wastewater from paper mills on the operation of primary stages in the municipal wastewater treatment plant

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