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Issue 1, Vol 10, 2020 – 15th February

Issue 2, Vol 10, 2020 – 15th April

Issue 3, Vol 10, 2020 – 15th June

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Issue 4, Vol 10, 2020 – 15th August

Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry is an international and interdisciplinary research platinum open access journal that focuses on all aspects of applied chemistry. Submissions are solicited in all topical areas, ranging from basic aspects to practical applications.

Platinum open access means permanent and free access to published scientific works for readers with no publication fees for the authors – 100% free. All articles are published under the most flexible reuse standard – the CC BY license.

Authors are not charged article processing fees or publication fees – no fees whatsoever. Importantly, authors retain copyright of their work and allow it to be shared and reused, provided that it is correctly cited.

Readers anywhere in the world may download, share or use the work, free of charge.

All papers are published free of charge, without any (hidden) article processing charge.

Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry is covered by the following databases and archives: