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Biointerface Res. Appl. Chem., Volume 7, Issue 4, 2017 (August 15th,  2017)

1) Cristina Maria, Gina Ghiță, Ecaterina Marcu, Iuliana Mărcuș, Mariana Mincu, Lucian Laslo, Ioana Savin: Technological solution for the treatment of wastewater resulting from metallic coatings using recovered products from metallurgical slag

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2) Gina Ghita,  Maria-Iuliana Marcus, Irina-Elena Ciobotaru, Lucian Laslo, Ecaterina Marcu, Ioana Savin: Developing the method for analytical determination of cadmium, arsenic and nickel in ambient air

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3) Wander Lopes Pereira, Tânia Toledo de Oliveira, Milton Masahiko Kanashiro, Marcelo Augusto Filardi, Marcelo Rocha da Costa, Liovando Marciano da Costa: Anticarcinogenic potential of the Morin bioflavonoid against SK-MEL-5 human melanoma cells

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4) Cennet Arslaner, Serdar Karakurt, Ziya Erdem Koc: Synthesis of benzimidazole Schiff base derivatives and cytotoxic effects on colon and cervix cancer cell lines

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5) Xingjia Guo, Xiangjun Zhang, Jie Yao, Liping Xu, Lizhi Zhang, Xiangming Wang, Aijun Hao: Monomethyl polyethylene glycol modified oleanolic acid, synthesis, characterization and binding to bovine serum albumin

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6) Parul, Shweta Sharma, Ajeet, Hina Chadha, Babita Aggarwal: Designing and comparison of docking analysis of quinazolinedione sulphonamide derivatives with AMPA and GABA

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