Issue 5


Biointerface Res. Appl. Chem., Volume 7, Issue 5, 2017 (October 15th,  2017)

1) Amal El Sayeh F. Abou el Ela, Mona Mohamed El Khatib, Assil Najeeb AlAjmi: Development and evaluation of a novel griseofulvin floating drug delivery systems

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2) Adeleh Nazemi, Mohammad Reza Mohammad Shafiee, Majid Ghashang: ZnO-CaO-MgO nanocomposite: efficient catalyst for the preparation of thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4(3H)-one derivatives

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3) Florica Marinescu, Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc, Luminița Măruțescu, Mihaela Ilie, Ioana Savin, Ana-Maria Anghel, Iuliana Marcuș, Carmen Tociu, Ecaterina Marcu: Prevalence of heavy metal and antibiotic resistance in bacterial isolates from wastewater and receiving aquatic environments

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4) Rosario Pignatello, Virginia Fuochi, Giulio Petronio Petronio, Antonio S. Greco, Pio Maria Furneri: Formulation and Characterization of Erythromycin–loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

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5) Mojtaba Lashkari, Farzaneh Mohamadpour, Nourallah Hazeri, Reza Heydari: Clean and facile synthesis of 1H-pyrazolo [1, 2-b] phthalazine-5, 10-dione derivatives catalyzed by Neodymium (III) chloride hexahydrate as an efficient Lewis acidic catalyst under solvent-free conditions

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6) Devirammanahalli Mahadevaswamy Lokeshwari, Vivek Hamse Kameshwar, Ajay Kumar Kariyappa: Synthesis of furan tethered 2-pyrazolines via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions: In vitro evaluation for their antioxidant and antimicrobial activities, molecular docking and ADMET studies

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(7) Mehdi Azadeh, Sayedali Mousavi, Majid Ghashang: Photocatalytic degradation of phenol in aqueous media over BaAl2O4-SrO composite nanofibers

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(8) Mohammad Reza Mohammad Shafiee, Mahboubeh Kargar: Synthesis of 3,4,5-substituted furan-2(5H)-ones using ZnO nanostructure as an efficient catalyst

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(9) Nasir Javed, Waqas Khalid, Javeed Akhtar, M. Zafar Iqbal: Facile Synthesis of Carbon Dots and Photo-induced Detections of Ni Ions

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(10) Hau-Heredia Lenin, Figueroa-Valverde Lauro, López-Ramos Maria, Rosas-Nexticapa Marcela, Herrera-Meza Socorro, Mateu-Armad Virginia, Díaz-Cedillo Francisco, García-Cervera Elodia, Pool-Gómez Eduardo, Pat-Estrella Josefa, Cauich-Carrillo Regina: Antibacterial activity exerted by some diazabicyclo-steroid derivatives against Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumoniae. Theoretical analysis of its interaction with the DNA-gyrase

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