Issue 2

Biointerface Res. Appl. Chem., Volume 10, Issue 2, 2020 (April 15th,  2020)

1) Magnetic-silica nanoshell for extraction of fungal genomic DNA from Rhizopus oryzae

Mousa Alghuthaymi

2) Formation of boron – silica based mesoporous and studies of its adsorption ability for curcuminoids

Adang Firmansyah, Ilma Nugrahani, Komar Ruslan Wirasutisna, Slamet Ibrahim

3) Gas and high performance thin layer chromatographic based-determination method for quantification of thymol in semisolid traditional dosage forms

Sanaz Jafari, Atefeh Jalali, Zohreh Abolhassanzadeh, Mohammad Ali Farboodniay Jahromi, Mohammad M. Zarshenas

4) Correlation between composition and activity of gold nanoparticle conjugates with streptococcal protein G

Dmitriy V. Sotnikov, Anatoly V. Zherdev, Boris B. Dzantiev

5) A review on analytical methods for the determination of natural colorants (green) in food commodities and beverages

Siva Mathiyalagan, Badal Kumar Mandal

6) Interpenetrating polymeric hydrogels as favorable materials for hygienic applications

Ahmed M. Khalil

7) A review on g-C3N4 based photo-catalyst for clean environment

Manas Ranjan Pradhan, Snehasis Panda, Binita Nanda

8) Agents-induced nephrotoxicity and catcheins

Tahereh Farkhondeh, Saeed Samarghandian, Mahshid Sedaghat

9) Features of microbiota thick to the bowels for patients with hypothyroidism depending on indemnification of disease

Antonina Natolivna Piddubna, Natalia Viktoravna Pashkovska, Christina Yaroslavivna  Makoviichuk, Michael Ivanovich Sheremet

10) Nanostructured surface bioactive composite scaffold for filling of bone defects

Ciocca Leonardo, Lesci Isidoro Giorgio, Ragazzini Sara, Gioria Sabrina, Valsesia Andrea, Parrilli Annapaola, Spadari Alessandro, Dozza Barbara, Mora Paolo, Piattelli Adriano, Iezzi Giovanna, Tarsitano Achille, Baldissara Paolo

11) Photocatalytic degradation of biological recalcitrant pollutants: a green chemistry approach

Subrat Kumar Sahoo, Shramana Bhattacharya, Naresh Kumar Sahoo

12) An environmental remediation: study of molecular interactions of the poorly soluble pharmaceutical drug ibuprofen in aqueous media

Sulochana Singh, Upendra Nath Dash

13) Probiotics for treating disorders: microencapsulation a boon to potentiate their therapeutic applications

Simran Kaur Zandu, Apoorva Sharma, Kanika Garg, Herman Bakshi, Inderbir Singh

14) Diffusion & concentration effect of Li/Li+ to the efficiency of LIBs

Chanh Minh Thi Le, Majid Monajjemi, Fatemeh Mollaamin, Chien Mau Dang

15) Feathers of Bulbulcus ibis (L.) as a non-destructive biomonitoring tool for assessment of lead pollution: A case study from various severely contaminated wetland habitats

Bibhu Prasad Panda, Biswajita Mahapatra, Siba Prasad Parida, Aditya Kishore Dash, Abanti Pradhan

16) Mapping molecular electrostatic potential for heme interacting with nano metal oxides

Ahmed M. Bayoumy, Hanan Elhaes, Osama Osman, Tarek Hussein, Medhat A. Ibrahim

17) DFT study of species derived from the narcotic antagonist naloxone

María Jimena Márquez, Silvia Antonia Brandán

18) The search for peptide deformylase inhibitor from Indonesian Medicinal Plant Database: an in-silico investigation

Muhammad Arba, Akbar Reformasi Pangan, Arry Yanuar

19) Stimuli-responsive supramolecules for bone tissue engineering

Akanksha Sharma, Pramod Kumar Sharma, Rishabha Malviya

20) Dendrimeric biosensor for detection of E. coli O157:H7 in diet

Pravin Shende, Pooja Kasture

21) PEEK surface modification methods and effect of the laser method on surface properties

Maryam Mehdizadeh Omrani, Abbas Milani, Afra Hadjizadeh, Keekyoung Kim

22) Evaluation of the influence of microwaves radiation on a biomaterial composed of three phases of calcium phosphates

Jorge E. Rodriguez Chanfrau

23) New chloroamide-steroid derivative with biological activity on a casein kinase 2 (CK2)

Figueroa-Valverde Lauro, Garcimarrero E. Alejandara, Rosas-Nexticapa Marcela, Mateu-Armad Maria Virginia, Díaz-Cedillo Francisco, López-Ramos Maria, Cauich-Carrillo Regina, Marin-Parra A, Estrella-Barron Raquel

24) Comparative study for optimization of folic acid nanoparticles

Mahmoud Ghorab, Salwa Salah, Hussein Ammar, Dina Mostafa, Ahmed Kassem, Sameh Hossam, Eman Shalaby

25) Isolation and characterization of phosphate solubilizing bacteria from agricultural soils for a potential use in cultivating Capsicum frutescens

Ponnaiah Paulraj, Hau Zhe Fung, Rajeswari Gunaseelan, Antony V Samrot, Arashidatul Akmar Ismail, Iyappan P, Chandramohan Muruganandham, Sajna Keeyari Purayil, Pattammadath Sajeesh, Tunasamy Ketharin, Pazhayakath Thevarkattil Mohamed Javad, Jenifer Selvarani A

26) Treatment and optimization of unconventional heating to enhance the printability of Rami fabric by using Brewer’s Yeast enzyme

Heba El-Hennawi, Nagla Elshemy, Karima Haggage, Amira Zaher, Asmaa Shahin

27) Hydroxyapatite/ZnCl2 nano-flakes: an efficient catalyst for the synthesis of 2-arylbenzothiazoles with molecular docking and anti-oxidant evaluation

Tamer K. Khatab, Amr M. Abdelghany, E. M. Kandil, Doaa E. Elsefy, Ahmed El-Mekabaty

28) Isolation and screening of Azotobacter Spp. for plant growth promoting properties and its survival under different environmental stress conditions

D P Krishna Samal, Pratima Ray, Lala Behari Sukla, Vinita Shukla

29) Osteoprotegerin (OPG) pathways in bone diseases and its application in therapeutic perspectives

Soher Nagi Jayash, Nisreen Mohammed Al-Namnam, Gohar Shaghayegh

30) The activity of proliferation and apoptosis of thyrocytes in the thyroid tissue of patients of nodular goiter with autoimmune thyroiditis considering the polymorphism of the BCL-2 (RS17759659), CTLA-4 (RS231775), APO-1/FAS (RS2234767) genes

Michael I. Sheremet, Larysa P. Sydorchuk, Viktor O. Shidlovskyi, Volodimir I. Desiateryk, Anatoliy E. Kovalenko, Stanislav I. Shevchenko, Serhiy M. Zavgorodnyi, Nina P. Tkachuk, Antonina A. Piddubna

31) Synthesis and characterization of PVP based catalysts for selected application in catalysis

Hany A. Elazab, Mohamed N. Ayad, Mohamed M. Hammam, Mostafa A. Radwan,Mohamed A. Sadek

32) 2,4-dinitrophenyl hydrazone derivatives as potent of alpha amylase inhibitors

Muhammad Yousaf, Amir Hassan, Shakeel Ahmad, Muhammad Idrees, Muhammad Adil, Huma Zia, Mirajul-Haq, Shah Faisal, Kainat

33) Irreversible sorption of carbofuran by moderately acidic soil amended with biochar

Vijetha Ponnam, Ramesh Naidu Mandapati, Satyavathi Bankupalli

34) Design and synthesis of anti-convulsant and anti-bacterial activity of new hydrazone derivatives

Akshay Kumar, Arvind Kumar

35) Microscopic and submicroscopic structure of the heart atria and auricles in condition of the experimental thermal trauma

Hetmaniuk Iryna Bohdanivna, Fedoniuk Larysa Yaroslavivna, Zhulkevych Igor Valentynovych, Andreychyn Serhiy Mykhailovych, Hudyma Arsen Arsenovych, Hanberher Iryna Ihorivna, Dobrianskyi Taras Olehovych

36) Status of cellular immunity in rats under conditions of acute widespread petitonitis in the setting of diabetes mellitus

Ihor Ya. Dziubanovskyi, Svitlana R. Pidruchna, Nataliia A. Melnyk, Bohdana M. Verveha, Arsen A. Hudyma, Liliya S. Logoyda

37) Chemical and sensory properties of fruit jams affected by bamboo fiber fortification

Dani Dordevic, Simona Jancikova, Jana Capikova, Bohuslava Tremlova, Ivan Kushkevych

38) Comparison of the accuracy of fixture-level impression making after splinting prosthetic components

Ramin Negahdari, Mohammad Ali Ghavimi, Anahita Ahmadpour, Alireza Pournasrollah, Sepideh Bohlouli, Solmaz Maleki Dizaj

39) Ultrasonic studies on temperature dependence of ion solvent interactions of ionic liquid 1-butyl-2,3- dimethylimidazolium chloride in aqueous solutions of tetra-n-butylammonium bromide at T = (298.15 to 313.15) K

Muchipali Sailaja, Dayananda Sarangi, Priyaranjan Mohapatra, Braja B. Nanda

40) A review on adsorptive remediation of Cr (VI) by magnetic iron oxides and their modified forms

Rashmi Acharya, Kulamani Parida

41) Management of postoperative complications in patients with acute peritonitis

Andriy F. Grynchuk, Ihor Iu. Polianskiy, Fedir V. Grynchuk, Michael I. Sheremet, Petro V. Moroz, Andriy V. Bocharov, Volodymyr V. Andriets

42) Evaluation of protein content and antioxidant activity of edible bird’s nest by various methods

Siti Sarah Zamri, Mahani Mahadi, Faizuan Abdullah, Achmad Syafiuddin, Tony Hadibarata

43) Echinococcus species, neglected food borne parasites: taxonomy, life cycle and diagnosis

Patricia Elena Mihailescu, Claudia Mihaela Istrate, Veronica Lazar

44) Preparation and characterization of flame retardant cotton fabrics

Mohamed Abd El Fattah Marzouk, Adly Abdalla Hanna, Alaa Salah Abdelmoaty, Ashraf Abou-Okeil, Ahmed Amr

45) The state of oxidative-antioxidant homeostasis under the influence of subtoxic doses of sodium fluoride

Irina Bagmut, Igor Kolisnyk, Anna Titkova, Iryna Kudrevich, Oleksandr Kudrevych, Dmytro Shuba

46) Synthesis and characterization of pure and Cu doped CeO2 nanoparticles: photocatalytic and antibacterial activities evaluation

Govindarasu Killivalavan, Arthur Charles Prabakar, K. Chandra Babu Naidu, Balaraman Sathyaseelan, Gubendiran Rameshkumar, Dhananjayan Sivakumar, Krishnamoorthy Senthilnathan, Iruson Baskaran, Elayaperumal Manikandan, B. Ramakrishna Rao

47) Recycling of REMS and removal of toxic metals from fluorescent and CRT waste: a review

Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra, Niharbala Devi, Lala Behari Sukla

48) Fabrication of Al/ZnO electrode for e-tongue application using extreme learning machine

Priyadarshini Shivani Sahoo, Hara Prasada Tripathy, Priyabrata Pattanaik, Dilip Kumar Mishra, Sushanta Kumar Kamilla

49) Acoustic assessment in binary mixtures of a polar nuclear extractant, DEHPA with eight non polar diluents at 303.15K – a comparative study

Biswajit Dalai, Sarat Kumar Dash, Saroj Kumar Singh, Braja B Nanda

50) A review on conductometric studies of electrolytes in mixed solvent systems to understand ion-ion and ion-solvent interactions

Malabika Talukdar, Sulochana Singh, Sujit K. Dehury