Issue 1

Biointerface Res. Appl. Chem., Volume 7, Issue 1, 2017 (February 15th,  2017)

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(1) Karina D. Martínez , Ana M. R.Pilosof: Foaming behaviour of enzymatically modified sunflower protein in proximity to pI

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(2) Mohammed A. Al-Anber: Adsorption thermodynamics of aqueous ferric ion onto bio-natural grains of rice

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(3) Mohamed Badaoui,  Messaoud Chaib,  Ana Rey Barroso,  Belkacem Ziane: Synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic activity of β-Bi2O3 nanomaterial via degradation of Orange II under visible light irradiation

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(4) Kumbaradoddi B Umesha, Shridevi D Doddramappa, Chandra, Nagarakere S Lingegowda, Javarasetty Chethan, Srikantamurthy Ningaiah: Novel 1,3,4-oxadiazole tethered pyrazolyl-isoxazoles: synthesis, characterization and pharmacological screening

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(5) Huey Ling Tan, Robin Curtis: Inter-relation of surface tension and optical turbidity in self-assembled peptide amphiphiles

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(6) Chao Qiu, Kevin E. Bennet, Jonathan R. Tomshine, Seth Hara, John D. Ciubuc, Ute Schmidt, William G. Durrer, Malcolm B. McIntosh, Michael Eastman, Felicia S. Manciu: Ultrasensitive detection of neurotransmitters by surface enhanced raman spectroscopy for biosensing applications

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 (7) Rahul M Kakalij, Kiran Gangarapu, B Dinesh Kumar, Prakash V Diwan: In Silico analysis of piperine, resveratrol, and vanillic acid on NF-kB p65 protein expression

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(8) Gudrun Petzold, Christine Steinbach, Andrea Loos, Simona Schwarz: Characterization of weak polyelectrolytes in aqueous solution – charge and isoelectric point in dependence on the molecule structure

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(9) Ilham Abdelmalek, Abderrezzak Mesli, Isabelle Svahn, Gerard Simonneaux: Cinnamaldehyde loaded-microparticles obtained by complex coacervation: Influence of the process parameters on the morphology and the release of the core material

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(10) Ghulam Muhammad Mujtba Hashmi, Munir H. Shah: Study of imbalances of essential/toxic metals in the blood of osteoarthritis patients in comparison with healthy subjects

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(11) Florica Marinescu, Carmen Tociu, Mihaela Ilie, Ana-Maria Anghel: The influence of toxic pollutants on the absolute value and on the kinetics of the degradation of organic substances quantified as BOD

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(12) Lourdes Sullca Grimaldez, Karina D. Martinez: High intensity ultrasound application on rheological properties effects of native soy protein isolate

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(13) Kaies Souidi, Abdelaziz Lkrik, Nicolas Joly, Patrick Martin: Effect of polyphenols extracted from (Olea europaea. L) solid residues and leaves on the oxidative stability of a commercial olive oil

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(14) R. Palani, J. Selvarasi: Molecular interaction studies of some amino acids with aqueous amoxicillin solution at 308.15K

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(15) Harshad Brahmbhatt, Anjani K Bhatt, Arun Kumar Das, Parimal Paul, Sangita Sharma: Synthesis of some new pyrazole nucleus fused 2-thioxo-4-thiazolidinone derivatives and evaluation of their antimicrobial activities

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(16) Diane R. Bienek, Drago Skrtic: Utility of amorphous calcium phosphate-based scaffolds in dental/biomedical applications

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