Issue 5

Biointerface Res. Appl. Chem., Volume 6, Issue 5, 2016 (October 15th,  2016)

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1) Dorota Bartusik, David Aebisher, Jacek Tabarkiewicz: 3-D cell cultures as a tool for studying cellular aspects of trastuzumab treatment

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2) Wahib Al Abdullah, Yaser Dahman: Evaluation of possibility to produce green biocellulose nanofibers in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of sustainable agro-industrial residues

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3) Milad Farsi, Ali Farsi, Seyed Soheil Mansouri, Mohammad Mehdi Afsahi, Saeed Gharib Hosseini Kakh: Influence of nanoparticles on performance of Portland cement paste and mortar

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4) Nily Dan: Environmentally-induced degradation of solid-lipid nanoparticles

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5) Farzaneh Mohamadpour, Reza Heydari , Mojtaba Lashkari: Clean, facile and eco-friendly synthesis of biologically active N-aryl-3- aminodihydropyrrol-2-one-4-carboxylates at present of maleic acid as an environmental friendly, readily and efficient catalyst under ambient temperature

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6) Alex S. Pytka, Mohammed Faghri , Constantine Anagnostopoulos: Detection of C-reactive protein in a portable microfluidic immunosensor from whole human blood

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7) Lamia Bennabi, Hadjer W. Abiras, L. Belarbi, Fatima Bennabi, Wahiba Chaibi, K. Guemra: Effect of polymer blends and evaluation from controlled release procaine hcl loaded poly(ε-caprolactone) microsphers

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8) Shyam Sunder Anchuri, Kiran Gangarapu, Sreekanth Thota, Subhas S. Karki, Erik De Clercq, Graciela Andrei, Robert Snoeck, Jan Balzarini: Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel mononuclear Ru(II) compounds as potential antiviral and cytotoxic agents

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9) Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Akhyar Farrukh, Raja Adil Sarfraz, Abdul Qayyum, Shaista Ali: Structural characterization of Fe/TiO2 nanoparticles: antioxidant and antibacterial studies

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10) Naser Foroughifar, Alireza Khajeh-Amiri, Hoda Pasdar, Neda Foroughifar, Masoumeh Gholami Dehbalaei, Atoosa Hoghoghi: Acid-catalyzed synthesis and thermal rearrangement of 3H-Spiro[1-benzofuran-2,1′-[3,5]cyclohexadien]-2′-one

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11) Kianoush Khosravi-Darani, Martin Koller, Naimeh Akramzadeh, Amir M. Mortazavian: Bacterial nanocellulose: biosynthesis and medical application

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12) Henni Meriem, Chaib Messaoud, Haddou Badra, Belhadj Anissa: Biodegradation of plastic film based on starch

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13) Juliana Jorge, Marc Verelst, Gustavo Rocha de Castro, Marco Antonio Utrera Martines: Synthesis parameters for control of mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs)

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14) Andrei V. Lavysh, Alexander A. Lugovskii, Evgeniy S. Voropay, Anna I. Sulatskaya, Irina M. Kuznetsova, Konstantin K. Turoverov, Alexander A. Maskevich: Aggregation of thioflavin T and its new derivative in the presence of anionic polyelectrolyte

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15) Noam Reshef, Antonio Morata, José A. Suárez-Lepe: Towards the use of grapevine by-products for reducing the alcohol content of wines

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16) Peyman Khosravian, Majid Ghashang, Hamid Ghayoor: Zinc oxide/natural –Zeolite composite nano-powders: Efficient catalyst for the amoxicillin removal from wastewater

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17) Irena Kostova, Ventzeslava Atanasova, Lozan Todorov, Magdalena Kondeva-Burdina, Virginia Tzankova: Evaluation of hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of newly synthesized Ho(III) complex

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18) Karina D. Martínez, Cecilio Carrera Sanchez, Ana M.R..Pilosof: Soy protein enzymatic hydrolysis and polysaccharides interactions: differential performance on kinetic adsorption at air-water interface

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19) Randa Rejeb, Lilia Khalfallah Boudali, Gérard Delahay: Preparation, characterization and catalytic performance of molybdenum supported on sulfated titanium pillared clay

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20) Ayyoob Jafari: Artificial neural network assisted optical spectroscopy as a prospective tool ‎for prediction of blood glucose level

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21) Muhammad Hanif, Raghavendra R. Juluri, Peter Fojan, Vladimir N. Popok: Polymer films with size-selected silver nanoparticles as plasmon resonance-based transducers for protein sensing

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22) Maryam Fatahpour, Fatemeh Noori Sadeh, Nourallah Hazeri, Malek Taher Maghsoodlou, Mojtaba Lashkari: A benign and efficient approach for one-pot, three-component synthesis of 2-hydroxy-12-aryl-8, 9, 10, 12-tetrahydrobenzo[a]xanthene-11-ones at ambient condition

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23) Anuja Ghosh, Aindrila Bera, Manas Ghosh: Influence of position-dependent effective mass, position-dependent dielectric screening function and anisotropy on the binding energy and interband emission energy of impurity doped Quantum dots in presence of Gaussian white noise

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