Issue 2

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2012 (15 April 2012)


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(1) Shantaram G. Khanage, Popat B. Mohite, Ramdas B. Pandhare, S. Appala Raju: Investigation of pyrazole and tetrazole derivatives containing 3,5 disubstituted-4H-1,2,4-triazole as a potential antitubercular and antifungal agent

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(2) Surendra Bhati, Dharmendra Singh: Adsorption of Cr (VI) metal ion from aqueous solutions on low cost adsorbent

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(3) Anand Prakash Mishra, Hershita Purwar, Rajendra Kumar Jain: Microwave synthesis, spectral, thermal and antimicrobial activities of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) metal complexes with Schiff base ligand

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(4) Crina Saviuc, Ioana Marinas, Alexandru Mihai Grumezescu, Coralia Bleotu, Carmen Chifiriuc, Dan Mihaiescu, Veronica Lazar, Phytochemical composition of the fennel fruits essential oil and its influence on prokariotic cells growth and pathogenic features

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(5) Emilia Panus, Coralia Bleotu, Natalia Rosoiu, Veronica Lazar, Magda Mitache, Phenotypic and genetic investigation of virulence and antibioresistance hallmarks in Esherichia coli strains isolated from Black Sea water on Romanian coast

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